Honda Civic Type R XPEL PPF Brentwood

Honda Civic Type R XPEL PPF Brentwood: Unveiling the Art of Protection at Nashville ClearBra. In the automotive haven of Brentwood, Tennessee, where the symphony of engines harmonizes with the dedication to vehicle preservation, Nashville ClearBra takes center stage in the realm of paint protection. This blog post delves into a recent installation that graced the shop—an exquisite Honda Civic Type R that underwent a transformative experience with XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS clear bra Paint Protection Film (PPF). Beyond the details of the installation, we’ll explore the spectrum of services offered at Nashville ClearBra, including insights on maintaining and caring for the clear bra, and shed light on the additional locations in Seattle and Vancouver, Canada.

Unveiling the Canvas: Honda Civic Type R in the Spotlight

The narrative unfolds with the arrival of a Honda Civic Type R at the doorstep of Nashville ClearBra, a canvas waiting to be adorned with the pinnacle of protection—XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS PPF. The client, recognizing the unparalleled quality of XPEL products, opted for a full front and rocker panel installation, extending the shield of protection to the luggage area. The choice of XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS, renowned for its self-healing properties and advanced protection, set the stage for a meticulous installation that would elevate the Honda Civic Type R’s appearance and safeguard it against the rigors of the road.

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS: The Epitome of Paint Protection

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS is more than just a clear bra—it’s a shield against the elements, a guardian of the vehicle’s aesthetic integrity. As the skilled technicians at Nashville ClearBra meticulously applied XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS to the Honda Civic Type R, the clear bra seamlessly integrated into the vehicle’s contours, providing a virtually invisible layer of protection. The self-healing capabilities of XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS ensure that minor scratches and swirl marks vanish with exposure to heat, preserving the flawless finish of the vehicle.


  1. Self-Healing Technology: Minor scratches and swirl marks disappear with exposure to heat, maintaining a flawless finish.
  2. Stain Resistance: Resistant to stains caused by bird droppings, bug splatter, tree sap, and other contaminants.
  3. Clarity and Gloss: Preserves the original paint’s clarity and gloss, ensuring a seamless integration with the vehicle’s aesthetics.
  4. Durability: Provides robust protection against rock chips, road debris, and environmental elements.

The Nashville ClearBra Experience: Unmatched Services and Expertise

As a certified XPEL dealer located in Brentwood, Tennessee, Nashville ClearBra stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of paint protection. The team’s expertise extends beyond the Honda Civic Type R to a myriad of vehicles, including Rivian, Audi, Tesla, and various other makes and models. Specializing in wrapped edges, Nashville ClearBra ensures that every installation achieves not only optimal protection but also a seamless, virtually invisible appearance.

Services Offered at Nashville ClearBra:

  1. XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Clear Bra PPF: Elevate your vehicle’s protection with the pinnacle of paint protection film.
  2. XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating: Enhance gloss, protect against environmental factors, and ease maintenance with advanced ceramic coatings.
  3. XPEL PRIME Window Tint: Experience solar efficiency and UV protection with a range of window tint options.
  4. Color Change Vinyl Wraps: Transform your vehicle’s appearance with high-quality materials such as Inozetek, 3M, Avery, Inozetek, and Flexishield.
  5. Maintenance Products: Nashville ClearBra offers a range of products for maintaining and washing vehicles with clear bra installations, ensuring longevity and brilliance.

Care and Maintenance: Preserving the Brilliance of Clear Bra

For those fortunate enough to have experienced the protection of XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS on their vehicles, caring for the clear bra becomes paramount. At Nashville ClearBra, we not only install these protective films but also equip our clients with the knowledge and tools to ensure the longevity of the installation. Here are some tips for caring for your XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS clear bra:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Gentle, regular cleaning with a mild automotive detergent like XPEL RINSE FREE WASH helps remove contaminants and maintain clarity.
  2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Refrain from using harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners, or colored wax-based products on the clear bra to prevent damage.
  3. Microfiber Towels: Use soft microfiber towels for drying and cleaning to avoid scratches on the clear bra surface.
  4. XPEL Maintenance Products: Explore the range of XPEL maintenance products available at Nashville ClearBra, designed specifically for the care of XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS.

Beyond Brentwood: Seattle and Vancouver Connections

The commitment to excellence and quality doesn’t end in Brentwood—Nashville ClearBra extends its services to the Pacific Northwest with shops in Seattle, Washington, and Vancouver, Canada. Whether you find yourself in Brentwood, Seattle, or Vancouver, the dedication to delivering top-notch vehicle protection services remains unwavering.

Conclusion: Elevating Vehicle Protection to Artistry

As the Honda Civic Type R emerges from the Nashville ClearBra facility, it does so not just as a car but as a testament to the fusion of cutting-edge technology and automotive artistry. The full front and rocker panel installation with XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS PPF exemplifies the dedication to optimal protection and aesthetics that defines Nashville ClearBra. Whether you’re a Honda enthusiast or the proud owner of another vehicle brand, Nashville ClearBra invites you to experience automotive protection that transcends the ordinary. Visit us at 1005 Flagpole CT Unit 103 in Brentwood, Tennessee, or explore our offerings in Seattle and Vancouver to embark on a journey where your vehicle’s protection becomes a work of art. Choose Nashville ClearBra for a driving experience that marries innovation, expertise, and a lifetime commitment to excellence.

Honda Civic Type R XPEL PPF Brentwood


At Nashville ClearBra, our 20 years of experience in the automotive protection field has us deeply rooted in providing unparalleled craftsmanship, preserving and enhancing your vehicle while elevating your driving experience with the utmost dedication and expertise.

It all began with Vancouver ClearBra in Vancouver Canada, then our second location in Redmond Washington called Seattle ClearBra, and now into the southeast market with our newest location Nashville ClearBra located in Brentwood Tennessee.

All three locations are XPEL-authorized dealers. Trust us to treat your cherished ride with the care it deserves, reflecting the warm and welcoming spirit of Nashville's renowned Southern hospitality.


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