Serving the Residents of Nashville and the Surrounding Areas

Experience top-quality paint protection and customization solutions at Nashville ClearBra. Our expert team delivers unmatched craftsmanship to safeguard your vehicle and elevate its appearance. Trust us for the ultimate automotive care in Nashville.

XPEL Car Window Tinting

Upgrade your ride with premium window tinting from XPEL. Improve driving comfort by rejecting heat, block UV rays, protect your vehicle’s interior, and add a touch of style to your car. We exclusively us XPEL PRIME window tint film.

XPEL Paint Protection Film

Defend your vehicle’s paint from scratches and stone chips with paint protection film from XPEL. Experience unbeatable protection and an immaculate appearance for years to come with XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS, XPEL ULTIMATE FUSION and XPEL STEALTH.

XPEL Ceramic Coating

Discover ceramic coating – a durable, protective layer for your vehicle’s paint, guarding against scratches and environmental elements. Enjoy long-lasting protection and a stunning, glossy finish that endures your daily drives with XPEL FUSION PLUS ceramic coating.

Color Change Vinyl Wraps

Transform your vehicle with a customizable, stylish look that stands out from the crowd. Experience a stunning, head-turning appearance that lasts with high-quality vinyl wraps like APA, Inozetek, 3M, Oracle and Avery.


At Nashville ClearBra, our 20 years of experience in the automotive protection field has us deeply rooted in providing unparalleled craftsmanship, preserving and enhancing your vehicle while elevating your driving experience with the utmost dedication and expertise. It all began with Vancouver ClearBra in Vancouver Canada, then our second location in Redmond Washington called Seattle ClearBra and now into the southeast market with our newest location Nashville ClearBra located in Brentwood Tennessee. All three location are XPEL authorized dealers. Trust us to treat your cherished ride with the care it deserves, reflecting the warm and welcoming spirit of Nashville's renowned Southern hospitality.


Xpel Prime Window Tint Nashville ClearBra