Discover the unparalleled protection of ceramic coating from Nashville ClearBra. Our high-performance solution ensures long-lasting defense for your vehicle, keeping it shielded from the elements and maintaining its pristine appearance. Request a quote now and experience the unbeatable benefits of Nashville ClearBra’s expertise in ceramic coatings.

Ceramic Coating Benefits

Long-Lasting Protection: Ceramic coatings provide durable, semi-permanent protection against environmental contaminants.

Enhanced Scratch Resistance: The hard, hydrophobic surface of ceramic coating helps protect your vehicle’s paint from scratches and swirl marks.

UV Protection: Ceramic coatings offer resistance to harmful UV rays, preventing paint fading and oxidation.

Hydrophobic Properties: The coating creates a water-repellent surface, making it easier to clean and maintain your vehicle.

High Gloss Finish: Ceramic coatings enhance the paint’s appearance, providing a glossy and polished look.

Chemical Resistance: The coating forms a barrier against various chemicals, protecting the paint from stains and etching.

Preserves Resale Value: The added protection and pristine appearance maintained by ceramic coating can increase your car’s resale value.

XPEL at Nashville ClearBra

Nashville ClearBra is proud to offer the leading name in the automotive industry—XPEL. With FUSION PLUS™ ceramic coating, you can experience the pinnacle of paint protection for your vehicle. XPEL’s advanced ceramic coating provides long-lasting defense against environmental contaminants, UV rays, and other harmful elements, ensuring your car’s paint remains pristine and protected. Schedule your appointment with our XPEL-certified technicians today.

Xpel Ceramic Coating Options

Ceramic Coating For Paint Protection Film

FUSION PLUS™ for Paint & PPF is a 9H ceramic coating, uniquely engineered to work seamlessly with XPEL Paint Protection Films. Its flexible and thin composition allows for easy application, providing exceptional gloss, superior hydrophobic protection, and enhanced scratch resistance with just a single layer.

Ceramic Coating For Wheels & Calipers

FUSION PLUS™ for Wheels & Calipers is a highly durable ceramic coating, rigorously tested to withstand the daily harsh conditions experienced by your vehicle’s wheels and calipers. This advanced coating offers superior protection against wear and tear, as well as the constant heat generated by the wheels and calipers.

Ceramic Coating For Glass

FUSION PLUS™ for Glass is meticulously formulated to create a clear protective layer on your glass surfaces, delivering superior defense against dirt, grime, and environmental contaminants. This advanced ceramic coating enhances the clarity of your glass, resulting in cleaner and clearer windows while making cleaning a breeze.

Ceramic Coating For Upholstery

FUSION PLUS™ for Upholstery is a premium product designed to offer exceptional protection for your vehicle’s fabric seats, carpet, leather, and vinyl surfaces. This advanced ceramic coating ensures stains and spills become a thing of the past, keeping your interior looking flawless and well-preserved.

Ceramic Coating For Plastic & Trim

FUSION PLUS™ for Plastic & Trim is a specially formulated ceramic coating offering superior protection for your plastic and trim surfaces. This advanced coating, with its flexible and thin composition, ensures optimal performance on your vehicle’s plastic and trim, keeping them protected and looking pristine.


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